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About Ergotron

Ergotron's professional grade, award-winning brands, including WorkFit™,  LearnFit® and CareFit™. Support everyday wellness and productivity by infusing movement into offices, classrooms and healthcare environments.

Introducing Ergotron’s New CareFit™ Pro

Fit for Caregivers

WorkFit® Electric Sit-Stand Desk, 58" Surface

Bring fun back into the office with the WorkFit Electric Desk. It’s easy to use, letting you go from sitting to standing at the push of the button. It’s easy to set up with a three-step, no-sweat install that clocks under five minutes. And it’s easy to enjoy with four preset heights designed to meet your ergonomic needs, plus thoughtful cable management and a waterfall edge that exudes style from every angle.

Ergotron WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

WorkFit-TL transforms everyday offices into dynamic, active workspaces. This sit-stand desktop converter offers easy, crank-free height adjustment and holds up to 40 lbs (18.1 kg) of office essentials on a large worksurface. It moves straight up and down for more stability and to keep your space, your space.

Ergotron Mobile
Sit-Stand Desk

Move to work or learn anywhere you find inspiration, from individual workspaces to conference rooms to classrooms. Sit or stand to instantly collaborate with your peers with a height-adjustable maple worksurface. Create a flexible movement workplace where you can feel your best and drive meaningful connections.

Best-Selling Ergotron Sit-Stand Options

Flexible furniture that moves you. The feel-good benefits of sit-stand, ergonomic options are just within reach.

WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

Transform your desk into an ergonomic, sit-stand workstation with our easy-to-use standing desk converters.

WorkFit-T - Standing Desk Converter

Reinvent tight spaces into a standing desk with the WorkFit-T.

WorkFit-S Dual-Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation

Advanced ergonomics? You got it. The WorkFit-S is our best solution for flexible and comfortable working.

LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm

Durable polished aluminum construction - repositions with a touch.

Ergotron Top-Sellers in Healthcare

Modern designs, uninhibited mobility and personalized features enable caregiver well-being, memorable patient experiences and life-changing care.

CareFit™ Pro Cart, LiFe Powered Medical Cart

Create healing patient environments that allow caregivers to thrive with CareFit Pro. 

CareFit™ Pro Electric Lift Cart, LiFe Powered Medical Cart

The full-featured design enables untethered productivity with long-lasting, dependable power to navigate each shift.

StyleView® Cart with
LCD Pivot

Effortlessly maneuver the cart to the point of need — StyleView quickly responds to caregivers’ touch and enables nurses to focus on their patients.

CareFit™ Slim Laptop Cart

The ultraslim CareFit laptop cart works to remove barriers to the best patient care.

Ergotron Top-Sellers in Charging Solutions

Power 21st-century classrooms by centrally managing laptops and tablets with smart charging carts and cabinets.

YES24 Adjusta Charging Cart & Mobile Makerspace

Get more from your charging cart with the multipurpose YES24. It quickly and safely charges up to 24 smart devices, while also working as a podium or desk.

YES36 Adjusta Charging Cart & Mobile Makerspace

Think beyond the classroom with optional accessories that fit hospitality, healthcare and other industries. And the cart is UL-certified to ensure safety for students, staff and devices.

YES40 Charging Cart

Charge up to 40 tablets, smartphones or e-readers in this customizable charging cart.

YES Basic Charging Cart

A simple power management system safely charges all your devices and sends a single cord to the wall. The heavy-duty steel construction provides durability and security.

Ergotron Resources

Ergotron: We are a movement company

Our promise:  To move you — physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Ergotron WorkFit-TX: Flexibility meets style

Feel like the best you — at the start and end of your day with the adjustable standing desk that sets a new standard in sit-stand.

Safe Communities

Physical distancing requirements are challenging both business leaders and facilities. Discover how flexible office furniture, thermal imaging carts and more can help create safe and healthy open office environments.

Telehealth and Crisis Response Solutions

Ergotron products are used in telehealth applications around the world, enabling a wide range of services to expand your geographic service area and offerings when your patients need it most.  

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