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Computer Accessories. Orchestrated by CDW.

Looking for computer accessories? CDW’s got you covered. From computer components like cases, video cards and memory to must-have peripherals, such as keyboards and keypads, mice and trackballs, we stock an arsenal of add-ons.

In today’s ever-changing world, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all computer, especially if you own a laptop. Increasingly, work takes place not just at the office but also at home, at the local coffee shop, and while travelling. And as computer manufacturers look for ways to make devices lighter and thinner, users often find they need to carry a variety of laptop accessories or docking stations with them. Need to access data from a disc? You’ll want a CD/DVD drive and/or writer. Have to write a report? A full keyboard will make that a lot easier. Moving information from one document to another? You’ll find a wireless mouse invaluable.

For all these computer accessories and more, shop our selection of popular brands, from Belkin and EVGA to HP and Kensington

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