How to Telecommute or Work Remotely

Having a productive remote-working environment has become more crucial today than ever before. To stay productive, you need the right resources for your workflow.

Working from home has become a common component of many professional careers, but having a productive work from home environment is often forgotten.  Choosing the right resources can enable your team to work and connect effectively. Having the right devices and software while working from home ensures that your organization continues to stay successful. 

Ready to upgrade your work from home environment?

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Ready to upgrade your work from home environment?

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Enhance Your At-Home Workspace

Achieving the ideal work from home experience is about more than just finding the right laptop - it's about creating the right environment. Choosing the right devices for your workload can have a substantial impact on productivity. The most reliable laptops and PCs, combined with the right monitors and accessories, can set your team up for success while working remotely.

Upgrade your workspace:

Tools for Modern Meetings

One of the most challenging aspects of working remotely is the inability to physically collaborate on projects in a group setting. Enable your organization with powerful collaboration tools to allow teamwork to continue, even when employees are working remotely. With devices like headsets, speakerphones and webcams, your team can stay in touch regardless of where they're located.

Elevate your at-home meetings:

Stay Connected with Reliable Software

The right software can enable your team to connect from anywhere, any time, on any device. Drive employee engagement simply and securely, and enable your team to connect anywhere through intelligence-driven digital workspace platforms, cloud-managed phone systems, video/audioconferencing tools and more.

Stay connected from home:
HP EliteDisplay E243d

Ergonomics that adjust to less predictable work spaces

Lenovo ThinkPad T495

Work longer and faster for at-home productivity.

ASUS Chromebox 3
Mini PC

Connect multiple displays with HDMI and DisplayPort.


Affordable, flexible, and business-ready. Universal Laptop Docking Station

Flexible montitor connections to bet suit your needs at home.

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Are you ready to upgrade your work from home environment?

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Call 800.972.3922

Contact your account manager,
or give us a call. 

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