CDW's Response to COVID-19

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General operational and supply chain insights

  • Technology is more essential than ever in enabling many of our nation’s economic, healthcare, educational and government activities.  As social distancing pervades nearly all aspects of our lives right now, technology helps us sustain closeness, both professional and personal, and has enabled work to ‘go on’ despite tremendous obstacles. 
  • Our focus has been on two priorities – ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our own CDW coworkers and helping customers to navigate this rapidly changing environment.
  • Amidst this crisis, we are seeing significant increase in requests across our customer base as corporations, educational institutions, government entities, and of course, healthcare providers strive to continue to provide services and deliver outcomes.
  • Because you rely on us to assist you with technological capabilities, we are taking every possible step to deliver on our commitments to you in a timely manner.
  • While we are starting to see some manufacturing normalize with our partners, there is still significant strain on the global supply chain.
  • With over one million square feet of distribution capacity, we are using our purchasing capabilities to increase our stocking positions in key technology areas. We are carrying more inventory than normal, and our teams will continue to leverage customer requirements and feedback to make strategic buying decisions.
  • We are prioritizing what we’re bringing into inventory, focusing on the products and solutions that are in the highest demand.  Products in particularly high demand now include collaboration tools and work from home technology such as notebooks, tablets, desktops, monitors, web cameras, and headsets.    Where there are extended lead teams, we are working closely with our manufacturer partners and identifying alternate product recommendations based on projected availability.
  • At the same time, we’ve implemented important safety measures for our coworkers in our distribution and integration centers that fulfill and configure your orders. These measures are the right things to do, and they mean that in some cases, orders may be delayed as we work through priorities and assess the urgency for customers.      
  • We are focused on delivering for all our customers but are actively prioritizing orders that are directly connected with Covid-19 support efforts, including helping healthcare workers on the frontlines of this battle.
  • Our distribution and integration center coworkers are doing critically important work during this unprecedented situation.  We are incredibly proud of their work and grateful for their effort. 

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If you have questions, please contact your Account Manager or call us directly for assistance.